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The barber event with passion for the profession

Don't miss BarberSociety Live on 15 and/or 16 April 2018 at the Westergasfabriek exhibition centre in Amsterdam! It's a unique event in Amsterdam where barbers meet, share knowledge and gain inspiration. 




The barber event with passion for the profession

Don't miss BarberSociety Live on 15 and/or 16 April 2018 at the Westergasfabriek exhibition centre in Amsterdam! It's a unique event in Amsterdam where barbers meet, share knowledge and gain inspiration. 



Aftermovie 2018!!

A passion for Barbering


BarberSociety Live is a unique barber event in Amsterdam. It features a diverse mix of shows, seminars and product presentations from industry-related and lifestyle brands aimed at barbers. This third edition of BarberSociety Live will be a two-day event for the first time at the Westergasfabriek exhibition centre in Amsterdam.

The first day, Sunday, 15 April, will be for barbers/men's hair stylists only. The second day, Monday, 16 April, will be open to everyone who is interested.

So, we hope to welcome hairdressers, customers from the barbershops, friends of barbers, people from the fashion industry etc. It's the not-to-be-missed event for barbers from across Europe and beyond and for everyone who is interested in the world of barbering! 


BarberSociety Facebook community

The BarberSociety Live event is the ‘live’ experience presented by the BarberSociety’s private social network for barbers & barber shops on Facebook. With over 1.500 national and international members, it is a leading forum for sharing knowledge on barbering, posting news, uploading professional-related videos, sharing your opinions and asking questions about this specialized field. The perfect place to stay up on all the latest trends throughout Europe!

Are you a barber and not yet a member of the Facebook community? Register now by using the button below. You will then also be kept informed of all the latest news on BarberSociety Live 2018!

Marc van de Hare


After two successful editions of BarberSociety Live, it’s clear that BarberSociety Live provides an experience that has already gained a permanent place in the European barber scene. I am so grateful that BarberSociety Live unite barbers, nationally and internationally, which contributes to the development of the best profession there is, the Men’s hairdressing trade! In 2018 even more visitors can enjoy the world of barbering/men's hair styling because we have added a second day to the event which is open to everyone interested. This because we have noticed that the event attracts not only hairdressers from mixed salons, but also people from the fashion industry, customers from the barbershops, friends of barbers etc. We are looking forward to the third edition in which everyone interested will enjoy a unique day."

Initiator and organizer of BarberSociety Live and BarberSociety. Owner of Van de Hare Amsterdam Barbers, 2015 Barbershop of the Year award winner.

What did participants say about the first two editions?




Zondag 15 apr_programma.jpg
Maandag 16 apr_programma.jpg


Enjoy an eclectic range of shows, demonstrations and a fun and attractive range of the best brands, including lifestyle brands, must-haves and products and tools for barbershops! A day of packed barbering knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere, chilling with fellow European barbers and chatting shop over a few beers, great bites and beats.

Here’s what to expect:

This third edition will hit even harder with shows and workshops of barber talents from all over the world. On top of that we are very happy to announce a BARBERSOCIETY BATTLE on Sunday and a BARBERSOCIETY YOUNG TALENT BATTLE in cooperation with Dutch barber- and hairdressing schools on Monday! Visit the Battle page for more information.

For both days we have an awesome lineup of national and international barbers! Besides these amazing shows, you can expect the following:

Sunday 15 April (11.00 am - 6.00 pm):

  • BarberSociety Battle

Monday 16 April (10.00 am - 6.00 pm):

  • Look & learn ‘cutting’ Sid Sottung
  • Class 'How to build your brand' Mikey Henger
  • Workshop ‘shaving’ Scapicchio Academia
  • BarberSociety Young Talent Battle

Add in the great things Amsterdam has to offer, and you have the perfect BARBER-AMSTERDAM weekend away!

Check out the BarberSociety Live Facebook page regularly to see updates. 




Sunday, 15 April


Mickey Henger (USA)


Mikey Henger, the popular instagram hair stylist from the USA will be flown to Amsterdam to be at BarberSociety Live 2018. Traveling city to city, nationally and internationally Mikey is inspiring and educating other professionals and future professionals in the hair industry. He blends the line between barbers and stylists by combining old school style with a modern twist while influencing it with fashion. Besides a show on main stage, he will give a class ‘how to build your brand, not just your clientele book’.


-Sun: show


-Mon: class


American Crew featuring Sam Wall (UK) and Ali Jamali


American Crew presents an inspiring show based upon their newest collection. The show will brought to you by 

Sam Wall and other American Crew all stars. Sam has recently been declared the winner of the UK American Crew All Star Challenge. As one of the 15 finalists of the All-Star challenge, he will compete in June to be recognized as the American crew 2017-2018 All-Star challenge global champion. 


-Sun: show

Shows Monday, 16 April


Rebel Art Team (UK)


The RAT pack is the educational and creative branch of the Scottish Barbering pioneers 'REBEL REBEL'. The pack has been assembled from the very best of talent from the Glasgow barbering giants. The 'Rebel Art Team' or RAT pack main drive is to inspire with its unique brand of barbering..! This year, the team will be represented by: Alan Findlay, Gemma Willock Smith and Rafal Kwiatkowska. An image of their ‘kids we lost’ collection is on the cover of the newest edition of the Dutch BarberSociety magazine


-Mon: show/15m 


Zen Yip-AHMA (CN/HK)


All the way from Hong Kong, Chinese hairdressers Zen Yip and Lok Chan will be flown in. They represent the AHMA (Asia Hair Masters Association) at BarberSociety Live. Zen Yip participated in many different international hair competitions. He was the champion of AHMA 4th and 5th Hair Styling Awards in Creative Design Categories. He has been host and presents a hair show in China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong. He is professional hairdressing educator and is seen as the new generation of star hair stylists and mentors in Asia.


-Mon: show


Schermafbeelding 2018-04-03 om 09.39.59.png

Lok Chan-AHMA (CN/HK)


Lok Chan represents the Asia Hair Masters Association (AHMA) together with Zen Yip.

By winning Partner Category in 2014 Color Zoom Global Challenge, Lok made Color Zoom history: the first winner from Hong Kong ever. With over 10-year salon experience, Lok specialized in innovative cut and hair color. He is part of the Goldwell Hong Kong artistic team and partner of Red Hill Salon.


In 2011, he began educating future talent, conducting seminars and hair shows.


-Mon: show



Shows both days: Sun 15 and Mon 16 April


1922 by J.M. Keune featuring Ronald de Bont (NL)


As national ambassador of 1922 by J.M. Keune, Ronald de Bont will be on stage on behalf of the new line of men's products. Nowadays, Ronald is 33 years in the hairdressing profession and started as one of the first a barbershop in the Netherlands. As an entrepreneur in the hairdressing profession, he has in addition to two barbershops, a unisex salon and a recently opened ladies' salon, all located in Groningen. With his concept 'So You Are a Barber' he has trained and educated many barbers himself.


-Sun: show


-Mon: show

Portrait B&W.jpg

Sam Wall (UK)


Sam Wall has won many male grooming awards and is recognised for his distinctive style. Along with working backstage at London Fashion Week (LFW) and London Fashion Week Mens (LFWM) he is continuously featured in national and international magazines, which includes a regular column of his own for a fashion magazine.


-Sun: American Crew show


-Mon: show, 15m


Kevin Boon (BE)


In 2017 Kevin Boon has been declared the winner of the International Barber Awards 2017. The self-made artist from Belgium started his business with his wife 4 years ago. In one year time he learned himself how to make a cut as detailed as possible. Within half a year he was fully booked. ‘DETAIL’ is the keyword in his business. Without a certificate, without barber classes and shaving lessons. Youtube was his school. 


-Sun: show, 15m


-Mon: show, 15m


Seminars & Workshops

Monday 16, April


Look & Learn Sid Sottung (UK) 



Sid is founder of the Sid Sottung Academy and is a splendid educator. With his Academy he delivers high quality education for his students from all around the UK. We offer the special opportunity to visit his ‘Look & Learn’ seminar for a very special price. This exclusive seminar contains 2,5 hours of watching him working his magic, and you’ll learn how to make these art pieces yourself. A unique chance!


-Mon: look & learn




Gain inspiration at incredible shows of national and international barber talents.


Explore the way of working of barber talents and ask for their tips & tricks.


Raise your knowledge with an informative program of talks and presentations.


Paul Mac Special (IR)


The Irish Paul Mac Special is winner of 18 international Hair Awards! Among them the OMC Hairworld ‘World Best Barber Cut - Presidents Award’(US). He specialises in progressive men’s hairstyles & High Fashion Editorial Work picking up also 14 Magazine Covers along the way.


-Sun: show



Sid Sottung (UK)


The very experienced UK barber Sid Sottung has travelled the globe educating for Vidal Sassoon & hosting other leading industry names. Sid is founder of the Sid Sottung Academy and a splendid educator. With his Academy he delivers high quality education for his students. Next to a show in which he presents his newest collection ‘Void’, he will also give a look & learn seminar.


-Sun: show




James Williams - aka Jim the trim (UK)


James Williams is BBA British Barber of the year winner 2017, Wahl ambassador and founder of the Autism Barbers Assemble. He went viral across the world with a video with him lying on his stomach to do a haircut of a boy with autism. That’s why he started a foundation, Autism Barbers Assemble, to raise awareness on autism & haircuts for children.


-Mon: show


Menspire (UK)       


MENSPIRE Academy presents the revolutionary transition between precision barbering and contemporary hairdressing. A fusion of technical skill and commitment to bridge the gap.

During BarberSociety Live the Menspire education team, represented by Josh Lamonaca, Charlie Gray and Gianni Cardinale will show their skills. For a glimpse of their great work, check @joshlamonaca


-Mon: show


B.O.M.B. Squad (UK)


The ‘Barbers of Modern Britain’ push the boundaries to create new trends to inspire a new generation of modern day barbers. This amazing and first barbering artistic team in the U.K. is represented by 3 very talented barbers: Alan Findlay (Scotland), James Beattie (Wales), Martin Fox (England). 

Combined with a passion and love of underground barbering, the B.O.M.B. Squad’s ethos is to evolve and inspire barbering by sharing new skills and techniques.


-Mon: show


Spiridon Kaparakis (GR)


Spiridon Kaparakis, the owner of Spiridon - The Barbershop, is the leading award-winning barber. He was awarded for the first prize of old school haircuts and preparation in the first Greek Barber Contest, where 185 barbers from all over Greece competed. Over the years, Spiridon developed and diversified a portfolio of premium quality hairdressing services and has participated in numerous shows. He gives many presentations and workshops. Spiridon remains in line with the most international trends in business and shaving and styling practices. He has achieved a wide variety of practical experiences. Spiridon Kaparakis is the first internationally renowned Greek barber.


-Sun: show, 15m


-Mon: show, 15m 


Leah Hayden Cassidy (IR)


Irish Leah Hayden Cassidy knew on day one that barbering is her passion. She specialises in men's hair, merging techniques from every aspect of barbering and is inspired by her travels through different countries and cultures. She’s always developing her knowledge and is picking up new techniques wherever she goes. She’s worked alongside various fashion magazines, photographers and artists, pushing her talent and artistic vision to each industry. She has built a strong reputation as an educator for a global audience.


-Sun: show, 15m


-Mon: show, 15m



Chris Foster (UK)


Chris Foster is an inspiring personality with an impressive track record in the barber industry in England. Chris is the Creative Director of the two leading barbershops of London, founder of ‘The Foss Academy’, Director of the British Barber Association and has won many awards. Chris educates other barbers to become real pros and helps them how to run their business successfully. Continue the tradition, Chris is host of BarberSociety Live. Chris will keep you informed about the program on Sunday and Monday in his own distinctively energetic style.


(free) Class ‘How to build your brand, not just your clientele book.’ - 

Mikey Henger (USA)



A no bullshit approach to the industry. An in-depth conversation in which Mikey educates others on building a brand not just a book. For him, a brand in this industry is more than just cutting hair, it’s a lifestyle. 


-Mon: class

IMG_1972 kopie.jpg

Shaving workshop Scapicchio Accademia – supported by Proraso (IT)



It is an honour to welcome the Scapicchio family, one of the ancient active barber families in the world. Since 1802, for 5 generations, Scapicchio family hand down the art of old style Italian shaving with straight razor antique. That's why we invited them this year to give a unique workshop in which you can learn the finer points of the art of the shaving with straight authentic razors. Besides this, they will teach you also on how to keep straight authentic razors sharp. 

We agreed a very special price with them for this 3 hours workshop. Seats are limited, so hurry to buy your tickets for this unique chance!  


-Mon: English shaving and sharpening workshop (bring your own model and authentic razor)

Foto Shoot Nine_DSC_0571.jpg

BarberSociety Battle

The ultimate barbering challenge.

Go head-to-head with other barbers in front of a live audience to prove your creativity and skill!


BarberSociety Battle

The ultimate barbering challenge.

Go head-to-head with other barbers in front of a live audience to prove your creativity and skill!


BARBERSOCIETY BATTLE WINNER OF THE YEAR 2018!  – powered by American Crew

For the first time we organised a battle at BarberSociety Live!

Win the title: BarberSociety Winner of the Year 2018!

  • Show your skills
  • Display your talent
  • Compare yourself with your colleagues
  • Share your techniques
  • Win the first prize!


Professional barbers/men’s hairdressers (national and international) who own or work in a barbershop or men’s hairdressing salon are allowed to take part in the battle.


Sunday 15 April 2018, during BarberSociety Live!

    What to do?

    The battle consists of the following categories, for each category you take care of your own model:

    1. Fast fade – 15 minutes

    Who makes within 15 minutes the cleanest fade? If you finish first, doesn’t mean that you win also.

    2. Old School scissor cut – 45 minutes

    Who creates the coolest ‘old school’ cut with comb, scissors and razor? Choose yourself in which old school cut you enter (undercut, slick back, pompadour etc)

    3. Freestyle – total look - 60 minutes

    Who makes the most creative and most original freestyle haircut? Everything is allowed, all kind of techniques are possible, beard, moustache, shaving, styling, coloring etc. It’s about a total look. Impress the jury and the audience!

    Note: It is only possible to enter the BarberSociety Battle, if you take part in all categories.


    The participant who gets the most points from the jury, becomes BarberSociety Winner of the Year 2018 and wins a sum of € 1.000, - anyway!

    On top of that, the overall winner can win even more money if he/she is also the winner of one or more categories. Because the winner per category is also rewarded with € 250,-!

    And there is more. Attractive product packages have also been made available for the winners by sponsors resulting in a total prize pot worth over € 5.000,-!!

    Prize pot BS Battle.png

    Entry BarberSociety Battle is closed


    Zuiveringshal West, Westergasfabriek

    Click here for more information about the venue.

    Judges BarberSociety Battle Sunday, 15 April

    thomas miller (1).png

    Judges BarberSociety Young Talent Battle Monday, 16 April


    Venue & hotels

    Venue & hotels


    Sunday 15 April 2018

    11.00 AM - 6.00 PM

    Barbers/Men's hair stylists only

    Monday 16 April 2018

    10.00 AM - 6.00 PM

    Open to everyone interested

    So, we are open for hairdressers, customers from the barbershops, friends of barbers, people from the fashion industry etc. 

    Hotel tips

    There's not much better than a weekend away in Amsterdam... Canals, culture, beautiful scenery.

    Add in a fantastic BarberSociety Live event with a world-class lineup, incredible demonstrations and informative seminars and you have the perfect weekend!

    For a combination of flight + hotel, we advice you to book via Expedia to save money.

    We can recommend you the following hotels that are situated not far from Westerpark (the venue location):

    Hotel 'De Hallen'

    (Take tram 3 (direction Zoutkeetsgracht) and get off at Haarlemmerplein stop. It is a short ten minute walk to the Westergasfabriek).

    Grand Hotel Downtown

    Somewhat further away, but also nice:

    Lloyd hotel

    Check other hoteltips via the following websites:


    I amsterdam

    MINI Clubman & MINI Countryman Shuttle Service

    If you come by car to BarberSociety Live, you better park in Q-parking Westergasfabriek. We have a MINI shuttle service that brings you in style from the parking garage to Zuiveringshal West with a MINI Clubman or MINI Countryman. During the event, the MINI Shuttle drive between Q-parking Westergasfabriek and Zuiveringshal West. In this way you can experience the spacious interior of these MINI’s.


    Venue: Zuiveringshal West, Westergasfabriek

    Pazzanistraat 37, Amsterdam. 

    Click here for directions and parking possibilities.




    Joining BarberSociety Live?

    BarberSociety Live showcases an excellent mix of mid- to high-end barber-related brands and products and lifestyle brands that match the masculine nature of this event. The brands are chosen based on their quality, innovation, uniqueness and relevance.


    More information?

    For more information on participating in this event, please contact:
    Miranda Vlas: 06 54 212 432 or Marc van de Hare: 06 24 204 231,

    Bestand 08-09-17 16 47 21.jpeg



    1922 by J.M. Keune

    Way back in 1922, young Amsterdam pharmacist Jan Keune took his ambition and turned it into a global haircare brand. Now, as an homage to Jan, his son and grandsons have bottled his courageous spirit to create a carefully curated men’s haircare and grooming line: 1922 by J.M. Keune.



    American Crew

    More than 20 years ago David Raccuglia created American Crew. Since than American Crew has developed to the ‘Official Supplier to Men’ and a strong partner for Barbers all over the world.


    Since 1919 Wahl is ‘Court supplier’ for the professional barber as worldwide leader of clippers and trimmers. Their philosophy: development, improvement and creating opportunities together with the barber.

    Lagunitas: real craftsmanship beer, for real barbers!

    In 1993 Tony Magee started brewing beer in his kitchen in California. Meanwhile the Lagunitas Brewing Company is the fastest growing craft brewery in the US and the beers are drunk all over the world. Besides a famous brewery, Lagunitas is known for another reason: the witty texts and images on the labels of the beers are unique and are highly appreciated by beer lovers.



    BarberNV has well and truly established itself as the industry’s leading barbering magazine. They have become the go-to magazine for barbers around the UK and Ireland, with massive social media engagement and a constant influx of content from shops and barbers wishing to be featured in their pages.



    In almost two years since launching, SalonNV has established itself as one of the most important and widely read resources for the hair and beauty industry.Across the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland, salon owners and key decision makers in the business take advantage of their industry-leading interviews and product recommendations. Covering all sub-sectors of the wide world of beauty, SalonNV delivers features and content on hair, nails, skincare, aesthetics, tanning, and anything else that their readers need to know about.


    158.DSC_0533 2.jpg



    Photos 2017







    Journalists and other media professionals can request an admission card prior to BarberSociety Live. Please send an email to:

    Miranda Vlas
    +31(0)6 54 212 432

    Press badges are not sent, but will be provided at the entrance.

    Press material

    For high resolution images or more information about the event, please contact: 
    Miranda Vlas:, +31 (0)6 54 212 432.


    Some 2017 print publications

    DSC_0134 2.jpg




    Be part of BarberSociety Live 2017! For more information, please contact:

    Marc van de Hare: 0031 (0)6 24 204 231, 


    Miranda Vlas: 0031 (0)6 54 212 432,


    BarberSociety Live is being organised by Team BarberSociety and is the brainchild of Marc van de Hare. Marc van de Hare is founder of the private Facebook community BarberSociety and is owner of a well known Barbershop in Amsterdam, Van de Hare Amsterdam Barbers. Marc is a very experienced barber, 3rd generation Van de Hare-hair dressers, and works since 29 years in the barber profession. During the Hair Salon Award, Van de Hare Amsterdam Barbers won the 'Barbershop Award' and the 'Award for best hairdresser of North Holland’.